Saturday, January 29, 2011

Dulan, where's Ami car?

Continuing the tradition of meaningless pun titles, this is less about sub-Bill & Ted whimsy and more about my most triumphant return to Taiwan's more attractive east coast.

With fresh air, minimal English and only one 7-Eleven in sight, Dulan is probably the least touristic place I've visited - the largely unspoilt home of Taiwan's indigenous Ami tribe (as indigenous as any non-African homo sapiens can be, anyway). Party on, ancient dudes!


Mountains to the left of me...

...undiscovered beaches to the right.

Real people working real jobs in Dulan paddy fields

Neolithic stones at Dulan Site

Okay, it might just look like any other rock, but this sucker's more than 3,000 years old. (Aren't all rocks essentially ancient though...?)

Neolithic sarcophagus at Dulan Site

As in Egypt, I was tempted to try it on for size, but the fact that no one would have minded (or noticed) made it less appealing

Shin Dong sugar refinery: look on my chimbley and despair

Water Running Up

I enjoyed the people taking photos to document this uphill phenomenon. As if you'll be able to discern anything from a static image. It's like those people who take photos of mimes

Bull & Heron's Excellent Adventure

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