Sunday, January 23, 2011

Cijin places

Because it's pronounced 'chi-jin,' so it's like 'changing places,' as well as being literally... ah forget it, I'm so done with rubbish pun titles. If only that were true.

Anyway, check out this weird little island just off Kaiohsiung.


Cihou lighthouse

Cihou Fort in arty sepia

Fishing boat in arty black and white.
Inspired by (i.e. plagiarised from) Jessica's Ha Long photos

Wyrd constellations in Cihoushan Star Tunnel

Tianhou Temple - oldest temple in Kaohsiung (1673)

Could it be?
A rival to the Cumberland Pencil Museum for most disappointing museum in the world???
I was hungry for some shell-based learning...

Mazu, why hast thou forsaken me?
A curse on all creatures of the sea!

Take that, marine life!
Dave W was soon cheered up by this savoury lolly, the way a child might be.
He is twenty-five years old

But the sea creatures soon get their revenge, like something from a shit Guy N Smith book. The Sea Goddess will not be mocked

More oversized crustaceans at Cijin Wind-power Park

Cijin in the rain

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