Monday, January 24, 2011

The American Adventure of Kaohsiung

Not my photo. You've seen my photos

Located in the historic district of Zuoying, Lotus Lake is the American Adventure of Kaohsiung.

A misleading comparison that's bound to be meaningless unless you were ever unfortunate enough to visit the now-defunct American Adventure theme park in Derbyshire, England that also consisted of tacky attractions dotted around the shores of an artificial lake.

That's not entirely fair though - some of these pagodas are pretty nice if you ignore the childish bits, AND THERE ARE TURTLES.

Lotus Lake

West bank

Confucius Temple

This would be nice without the English. Like Corfu

Pleasing bridge

Shang-ti Kung: Supreme Emperor of Dark Heaven.
Look on his technicolor statue, ye Mighty, and despair!

Shang-ti's rock hard army. A bird in the hand...

...Is worth a beak for a gob

Spring and Autumn Pavilions
(Pagodas, surely? Or is Wikipedia lying to me again?)

Doesn't exactly have the intimidating effect intended when it's wearing that

Congratulations, it's a Siddartha!

Turtle 'n' son (or daughter). It was so great to see them swimming around the lake.
I hope I don't accidentally eat one when I randomly order food, that would be awful

Splashy turtle fun. Makes you wish you were in there too (or is that just me?)

Dragon and Tiger Pagodas.
Abstract names, sure, but we can presume they had a more opaque meaning once; now lost in the mists of time... (1976)

Beasts spew forth humans

Confucian statue and guard

Pleasing shaft

Through the circle window

Through the octagon window

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