Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Ranking the H. P. Lovecraft stories

Like some contemptible illiterate seeking out the novel that was made into that film they like, my interest in Lovecraft's oeuvre has been rekindled by reading Alan Moore's dense comic mash-up Providence. I know: comics! Did I first come across Lovecraft when researching the American horror canon, or was it bloody Metallica? You got me. I hope the original stories have pictures too so I don't get lost.

Each of the early Providence issues adapted one well-known work, so even the casual Lovecraft reader could feel smugly satisfied that they got the references. But then the nonsensical panels build up and you read online annotations by people who really know their Mythos, pointing out how Moore's taking a sly swipe at that bit of criticism you've never heard of in a subtle gag that's not meant for you, and you feel like an idiot.

So I figured, later rather than sooner, I should swot up on the basics at least. And why not trivialise this literary enrichment by making a list while I'm at it? This exercise has also been useful for building my mental library of terror tales, so that if I do have a child, I can scare the shit out of them on demand and make them weird. "No mummy, I don't want to go in the ocean! Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn!"

Here's my unreliable, definitive guide to The Top 104 H. P. Lovecraft Stories. According to my variable moods over the past month, anyway.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Two down: Cathy gets pasteurised

Kitty Abortion Totalizer

It turns out there was something inside Mimi after all. And this was just a cat I grabbed at random because she had the right equipment. She wasn't even one of the fat ones. There are fat ones.

After a few days in veterinary confinement (that must have been loads of fun), she's safe and sound back wherever she likes to hang out now. She still comes over every day for cat biscuits and guilty strokes, she's very forgiving. Though I'm assuming she doesn't quite understand the magnitude of how much I've interfered with her life and feline rights.

Obviously I would have preferred if she wasn't pregnant, alright? But considering the last kittens that were born around here (that I know of) either died or ended up blind (and he'd be dead too if it was down to nature), I know I'm preventing generations of fluffy suffering.

But you can think I'm evil if you like. My Dave-ao Death Squad isn't going to stop any time soon. Today it was Cathy's turn.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

One down: Mimi gets the snip

It was an unnecessarily complicated journey to get Wilbur's mother spayed.

Except... that's not Wilbur's mother. (Isn't that a painting?)

Friday, January 13, 2017

Kitten update

Welcome back to the cats 'n' books blog! Or whatever this is these days.

Don't be worried by Wilbur's dramatics: he's only playing dead. But sadly, the little guy was a lot worse for wear when we came home after two weeks away.

If you're a bit sentimental where cute kittens are concerned, please enjoy the above photo and don't keep reading, or you're only going to get upset and then you'll start me off crying again. When he's had his week at the vet, I'm sure he'll be okay.