Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Kind of grey

The Southern Highlands was my last port of call in the wider Sydney area before my travel card ran out. I'd planned to visit twice to see different parts of the region like I'd done in the Blue Mountains, but a lengthy and convoluted commute in and out of these remote villages meant I only made the trip once, and when I did it was raining.

That wasn't entirely a bad thing though, as at least grey skies and gloomy lighting lend some desperate variety to these outdoorsy blogs and I didn't have to worry about my skin burning again. Actually, due to the inclement weather, high elevation and being ever-so-slightly closer to Antarctica than ever before, this is one of the few places I've been in the past year where it's nostalgically a little too cold to walk around in just a T-shirt. So I decided to wear pants, shorts and shoes as well.

Morton National Park,
Southern Highlands

Learning from my mistakes, the cosy village of Bundanoon (changing at Campbelltown and Moss Vale) seemed to be the most readily accessible starting point for someone without a car to access the green

I was quite tired at the end of my rambling week, so I took a few photos of tree stumps that looked like figures to my tired brain but probably won't appear the same to you.
This blog is best viewed lethargically

Please tell me it's not just my brain that interprets this as an over-excited Ku Klux Klan fiend.
You could hang an immigrant off that thing

Dry eucalypt woodland.
There were plenty of informative signs, but I stopped reading quite early

Erith Coal Mine (decommissioned)

Grand Canyon. It might not be quite as impressive as the one in Arizona, but at least it's better than the Chinese one

Lack of view from Sunrise Point

Lack of view from Gambells Lookout

At least the rain can't get me from down there

Rain can move

Pretty, mossy, squelchy Fern Glen Walk

Echo Point. Now they're just ripping off their own names

Bundanoon Creek

Wishing Well with commendable Cage of Rationality protecting people from acting superstitiously. I assume that's what it's for

Today's irrelevant soundtrack: Stephen Jones ed., The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror, Volume 8

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