Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Where it all Bagan

Enough of these pristine pagodas with inflated ticket prices, give me a one-week pass and the freedom to wander around a load of dilapidated old ruins to my heart's content, before an impending return flight and the need for something approaching a reliable electricity supply and internet access drives me back to what could be called 'the city' by a loose definition of the term.

Welcome to Bagan! It's very nice, for a day.


I thought Myanmar would be free of tourism towns, but like Vang Vieng in Laos, every building that isn't a hotel or travel agent is a restaurant serving all your low quality international favourites (as long as that means curry)

You could say Bagan is the Sukhothai of the slightly to the west while simultaneously being the Anuradhapura of the across some sea and north east a bit, but that's bordering on being a bit of a mouthful. It was easier when everything was new to me and I didn't have the burden of trying to piece the global and historical tapestries together. I was always rubbish at sewing.

Lawka Chanthar Paya, Thagyar Hit Paya and Thagyarpone Paya.
Maybe. And in some order

I didn't take a guided tour, relying on intermittent signposts for unreliable education. I really don't have the strength to scour Google Images to try to find out what each of these very similar looking stone stupas is called, so you're on your own

This one (Unknown Paya #1) was my favourite, due to the secret stairs

And resulting excellent views

Htilominlo Guphaya Gyi Temple, from as far away as you need to get to actually see it

Please explain why a 794-year-old temple in the middle of nowhere has a surplus of power sockets outside, while in my hotel I have to stretch my laptop power cable to reach the bathroom shaving port

Hay Min Gha Temple was pretty nice too, but I was more drawn to these massive webs

Unknown Paya #2

Paradoxically well maintained Buddha in Unknown Paya #3

I never found out the reason behind these guys having two back halves.
I wonder if that means it has two cocks?

Another mystery solved

Et al.

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  1. Belated update: Unknown Paya #3 with the diphallactic dog statues is called Ananda Temple. Thanks to this blog for the info.