Thursday, October 4, 2012

Red Dwarf X is here, gimboids

Here's a break from my zany travelling escapades to inform those of you who haven't been keeping up with retro TV resurrections that the new series of Red Dwarf starts tonight on Dave at 9PM! (Or some time tomorrow on illegal torrent sites for those of us not living in the UK).

I don't know if these six new episodes will really recapture the spirit of the show that was so important to me from the age of eight and up, but the spoiler-free news I've let myself peek at suggests it's at least the best it's been for almost 20 years. I'm extremely optimistic. Plus, even if the jokes have lost it, I can just mute the volume and enjoy those spectacular sets and model shots.

I missed out being in the audience recordings earlier this year, which is one of the times I've most missed being in my home country, though even if I was there, lousy Wi-Fi probably would have meant I was beaten to the fast-selling tickets anyway.

Okay, back to my day job of [enjoying / getting pissed off by] South East Asia now. Did I forget something? Oh yeah, 'smeg' etc.

Update: Oh yes, it was good! What a relief.


  1. I'm so out of touch with what's happening in the UK! I didn't know about this, and I didn't know that apparently Jimmy Saville was a bigger paedo than Gary Glitter. Apparently it's all over the news. I'm very sad because I'm almost 100% sure that James won't download Red Dwarf for me (he won't let me watch Game of Thrones either) and I don't want to download it myself because I don't want to get dragged away by the Eurocops!

    1. I downloaded it in Vietnam, where piracy is petty compared to most of the stuff the corrupt cops turn a blind eye to. So I should be safe. Except that insulting the police by calling them corrupt is a much worse offence, so now I'm done for. If only there was some way to delete or just not post this comment :'(