Friday, October 7, 2011

Philippines phailure #3

Yesterday, me and a Canadian guy tried to see this:

But what we saw was this:

The megatropoplex of Manila is too big and confusing to get anything done.

I'm going back to my book.


  1. Update:

    Did it.

  2. lol
    You are my favourite traveller!
    Reminds me of the time I had to go to uni the first time in Melbourne. I made it on the train, got off at the stop, walked around for like 30 minutes trying to find the university (didn't ask anyone because that would be embarrassing), gave up, got back on the train, back home, cracked open a beer and read my book in the sun.

    WAY better than uni!

  3. Yeah, I've gone somewhere only to go back almost immediately a few times.

    In the Philippines, it's usually because of price. I get as far as cheapo public transport will take me, then ask a taxi driver how much to continue the journey to where I'm going. He says an extortionate figure and I turn around 180 degrees and hail a return jeepney. At least it gets me out of the hostel.

  4. Good that you appreciate them, I don't anymore because it contributes to the pollution, they all run in diesel fuel...just wish our govt will work on that (good air). I find it hard to breathe here already...:(

  5. Yeah, it was pretty stinky. But the drivers were always great help directing the lost tourist to the right jeepney route, so I appreciated that.

  6. filipino people stinks. philippines stinks. dont go there if you love your life, they will kill you and they will eat you alive! dont get there...

  7. Too late, I already went there, survived and enjoyed it. You stink.