Monday, August 1, 2011

Due south

I've been heading generally souther since I left Scotland last September. This hasn't been deliberate, it's just where each country I passed through just happened to be. And although I'd become very accustomed to the equatorial climate by the time I arrived in Singapore, my glacier-forg'd body has sometimes made me regret not restricting my travels along the Earth's x-axis instead.

Today I'm leaving the Northern Hemisphere for the first time, which is pretty exciting for me. This feels more significant than crossing some politically defined state, country or continent boundary, and if this southerly crawl continues it also means I can finally look forward to decreasing temperatures as I fall to the bottom. As well as the return of seasons - remember those?

If everything goes according to plan and I end up in Australia by the end of the year, I'll also get there just in time to experience a long-delayed winter. December's still winter, right? I can't see how that would change, just because I'm on the other side of the planet.

Oh. Bugger.

Well before all that, I have to endure a month in the tropical paradise islands of Bali and Java anyway, for more goddamn sunshine. You seriously have no idea how difficult my life is.

Update (by request):

Dogs are rubbish


  1. With a title like this, I have to say I'm disappointed not to see a photo of Diefenbaker anywhere in the body.

  2. Corrected now. Thanks for the constructive criticism.