Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Singapore - The Isle of Wight of Malaysia

Why they don't use that as the tourism motto is beyond me.

Possibly because any comparison between the Republic of Singapore and England's largest island fall flat if you think about it in any terms other than their positions at the bottom of landmasses (though I stand by the comparison between Haw Par Villa and Blackgang Chine). And both are places I'd like to return to one day - just keep me away from the British mainland.

Anyway, I'm leaving Singapore today, so here are some fun buildings. (Update: Turns out I haven't actually left yet...)

Some fun buildings,

They forgot to build this one in 3-D

This is just waiting for a gap to be filled, like real-life, megalithic Tetris
(actually, that probably exists in Dubai or something)

Shiny things

That clock probably seemed pretty impressive when it was built.
Not any more, granddad!

- Where best to hide this UFO?
- How about it plain sight? People will just assume it's a building

- Where best to hide this Goliath Space Hedgehog?
- How about in plain sight? People will just assume it's a shopping centre.
- Come on, no one's that stupid

This doesn't look so much like a corporate office as the futuristic base in some Gerry Anderson TV show

Helix bridge and Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands SkyPark

This is where things get silly. Fancy an indoor gondola ride?

Or taking a dip on the 57th floor?

Hard to believe this level of ridiculous extravagance is just a causeway away from Johor Bahru: the soiled sphincter of Malaysia

In your face, Singapore Flyer! My view is better than yours

I'll be back


  1. Hello, we are a group of students who would like to know the name of the flat skyscraper in the first picture. We wonder if you know the name?

    1. I asked Google the same question you asked me and found out it's Gateway Towers, built in 1990: