Monday, October 11, 2010

Where are all the Canadians?

It's probably not surprising that I've met a hell of a lot of Australians on my travels. They are a naturally curious species after all, most of them having relatives scattered in annoyingly convenient locations across Europe that offer a valid reason to track down their heritage.

That's compared to my own tedious family which, for some masochistic reason, chose to live in Crewe for as far back as I have the stomach to trace. Which means as far back as the ones I've met in person. My dad is a farmer, so I'm naturally wary about uncovering the intertwining branches that would, to be honest, explain quite a few things about my anatomy.

But I'm surprised at the lack of Canadians I've met along the way, which is currently no Canadians. Not one. I've met Argentines, Brazilians, Chinese, Danes, Germans, Greeks, Irish, Israelis, Italians, Japanese, Kiwis, Mauritanians, Norwegians, Sicilians, Slovenians, Spaniards, even a couple of bloody Brits, but no moose-hugging Canucks in sight.

I've also met hella Americans… maybe even more than Australians, actually. That's right, racial stereotype fans: Americans are more geographically adventurous than Canadians.

Ignore the difference in population size - back in the UK, it was safe to assume that every new 'American' I met was actually Canadian, because most of the time they were. And it's also more fun to see the insulted expressions on Americans' unreasonably attractive faces when you ask if they're Canadian than the other way round, because they expect it less.

What's going on? Do Canadians prefer colder climes to this Mediterranean heat? (I'm with them on that one - I miss the biting chill of the Scotch breeze). Did Canada suffer worse from the GFC? Or is there some kind of event taking place in Canada that's keeping them all back home?

Sort it out, Canada!

Update: I've since spotted some Canadians on the bus to Athens. The male one was impressing the female ones by talking about the three deers he'd shot on a recent hunting trip. I'll do Canada the service of not counting them.

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