Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sleeping on a roof bloody cool. Lying under the stars, watching the red moon rise over the golden temple roofs. I might never go back to sleeping indoors again. I wonder why I ever did in the first place?

Oh yes - because I lived in Scotland.

I'm prepared to accept that my judgement could be influenced slightly by the unusual, novelty value of this hostelling experience - like that day I only ate lobster - and that by tomorrow night I'll be wondering why I didn't just take my friend Sofi up on her offer of a couch and live indoors like a regular human.

But that would mean going against my independent and adventurous spirit. Plus, I'm scared about getting on the wrong side of her massive cat.

That's okay though, I've made my own cat friends. Scratching your face to death is the Israeli cat's way of showing affection, right? Like their women?


  1. If you weren't so anti-Facebook I could show you my pictures of my roof experience so much more easily. I'll find a way.

  2. I arrogantly/optimistically wrote this before I'd actually gone to sleep. It wasn't a great sleep.

    But part of me likes setting myself up for a fall.

  3. That's the concrete jungle for ya, Dave! Sleeping under the stars with only the comfort of a high-rise and the sky between you would surely be depressing. Good thing you brought cats with you for company.

  4. That's a new one on me - spam marketing for Canadian roofing contractors that actually engages with the subject matter.