Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Busan-d another thing

I knew I'd end up back in Busan at the end of my Korea trip, to catch the boat to Japan. What I hadn't anticipated was a friend's medical emergency taking place around this time, and their need for me to bail them out of Singapore's extortionate hospital fees. This drained my Japan funds and meant I had to extend my stay in comparatively cheap South Korea for another month, spending my time writing about engaging topics like trust management and concrete epoxy coatings until I could earn it all back again. Still, at least it's something fresh to moan about - that's always welcome.

I can't think of a better country to be 'stranded' in though, especially as I'd met some good people in Gyeongju and had the chance to hang out with them more back in Seoul. But this did mean I'd now returned to Busan for a few days for no reason at all, especially as I'd have to come back again in another month. It's becoming the Kuala Lumpur of North East Asia. It's a good thing Korean buses are relatively cheap, so I don't have to worry about my criss-crossing journeys over the peninsula making any kind of logical or narrative sense.

Besides, it gave me the chance to see a couple of things I didn't have time for on my first visit, when I apparently broke my leg or something. Who offered to pay for my medical bills then?

Yongdusan Park

A year ago, this multi-escalator ride up the mountain side would have been the highlight of my Korea trip. I had a real thing for escalators, before endless subway connections in various countries spoiled it

Yongdusan means 'dragon's head mountain.'
Another case of people seeing patterns in nothing

Actually, it does look a bit like a dragon from certain angles

It's not just me that thinks this is weird, right? A slightly too convincing effigy of actress and 'tourism ambassador' 최지우 for people to disgrace with all manner of 'hilarious' photo poses

This guy was doing that parkour/free-running thing.
Dude totally scaled that insignificant fence and earned my respect

Skinny Busan Tower (118 metres, built 1973), which serves no practical function beyond offering nice views. Might as well, then. Come on.

Busan Tower

Not exactly Taipei 101, but I like any chance to get up high and be fresh air in my face

Oh come on, you don't even let in the dangerous draughts? This is bullshit

Busan panoramopticon: North, East, South, West
(which all school children remember by the catchy mnemonic: 'North, East, South, West')

Jungang Park (1982). Cool, I don't have to go there now. When did this stop being fun?

Yongdusan Park: God's-eye view (other fictional omniscient deities are available)

I like it when I'm presented with freakish stuff and offered no explanations

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