Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Two down: Cathy gets pasteurised

Kitty Abortion Totalizer

It turns out there was something inside Mimi after all. And this was just a cat I grabbed at random because she had the right equipment. She wasn't even one of the fat ones. There are fat ones.

After a few days in veterinary confinement (that must have been loads of fun), she's safe and sound back wherever she likes to hang out now. She still comes over every day for cat biscuits and guilty strokes, she's very forgiving. Though I'm assuming she doesn't quite understand the magnitude of how much I've interfered with her life and feline rights.

Obviously I would have preferred if she wasn't pregnant, alright? But considering the last kittens that were born around here (that I know of) either died or ended up blind (and he'd be dead too if it was down to nature), I know I'm preventing generations of fluffy suffering.

But you can think I'm evil if you like. My Dave-ao Death Squad isn't going to stop any time soon. Today it was Cathy's turn.

It's been less than two months, so she probably isn't pregnant again yet. But the guys (who are in all likelihood her relatives) are already giving her a lot of attention, so it's only a matter of time. This is a severe morning-after pill at worst. She's had her chance at motherhood, and she blew it when she started attacking her blind and sick son. It's not his fault he's inbred.

Whose fault is it then? Who dumped the first pets that started off the stray chain? It'd be handy to know, they could help me out with the vet bills. Kind-hearted, forward-planning souls that they are.

I wonder if it's the same people whose preferred method of warding off curious cats is chucking boiling water, resulting in all these bald patches? The ones tenderly raising roosters to slash each other up in the ring? The ones who slowly slaughter screaming pigs every time a fiesta comes around? Now that I'm a serial embryo exterminator, I finally fit in around here.

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