Sunday, November 6, 2016

Donatello is purple now? WTF!!! #MandelaEffect

A couple of weeks ago, I reposted an attack I'd found on some stupid conspiracy website accusing my blog of promoting... some kind of inconsistent sinister agenda or other. I don't know. It looks like whatever twat wrote it got bored fairly early on and reconsidered how he was spending his life. Good, hopefully he won't be wasting more of his time and ours with similar tinfoil hat nonsense any time soon.

But when reading through his drivel, I was surprised to see that my otherwise attentive six-year-old self had used the wrong colour on Donatello.

Everyone of my generation (I can't speak for the reboots) knows Donatello's bandana and arm & leg bands are blue, not purple. The Turtles were one of the biggest things in my life back then, and Donatello was objectively the best one. So how could I make such a mistake? It doesn't seem possible. It isn't possible. Something else is going on.

Did I just not have access to a blue felt-tip pen that day? After all, there is a lot of purple on that page. My clothes and the number six are prominently purple, when blue would probably be more likely. But then I noticed Brains' glasses are (correctly) blue, as is the name tag helpfully floating above his head that no one else gets. Update: Oh yeah, and the background to the Donatello picture itself is blue. I missed that. Maybe I coloured that in first and didn't want to coordinate the colours. Is that likely at all?

I then considered that maybe I wasn't drawing the familiar Donatello from the cartoon. TMNT was a multimedia franchise, from comics to films to tinned spaghetti shapes, and I devoured them all (literally in the latter case). Did one of these many iterations of the lean, green fighting machines feature a limited edition purple Donatello, and I was showing off my in-depth knowledge of an obscure variant, like when Raphael kept wearing his black wrestling outfit from Stump Asteroid for several subsequent issues in the Archie comics? (Dude knows his Turtles).

I started to investigate on Google Images... and then things got SERIOUSLY WEIRD!


I sought solace in my own blog, where I've mentioned Donatello from time to time slightly more than a man in his late 20s to early 30s probably should (I still judge myself against pre-millennial adult standards, it helps to reign in some of the childish excess), when lo and behold:

Is something going on with the cone cells in my retinas? Is this what happens when you hit 30? Or, more plausibly, IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH THE UNIVERSE??/

Donatello has always been the blue one, surely? He's the sciencey one and blue is the universal colour of science, as shown with Brains whom we met earlier and Dr. Spock from Star Trek.

Okay, this is getting stupid now. THAT IS NOT DR. SPOCK! That character is supposed to have been portrayed by the late Leonard Nimoy, right? But apparently he was not Spock. It turns out he even wrote a book explaining as such:

In further confusion, the internet is calling the character 'Mr. Spock' and Google's telling me 'Dr. Spock' is some kind of famous paedo or something. EVERYONE AND THEIR NAN KNOWS IT'S DR. SPOCK OF THE STAR TREK ENTERPRISE!!!!!!! WHAT IS GOING ON!?!?!!?!

There's also something up with "Spock's" ears in that picture. Isn't he supposed to have three of them? The left ear, the right ear and, lastly, a front ear?* I don't know if I can trust my own memories any more.

Final update†: Okay, it's been explained to me that there are two Spocks these days and I was mixing up Donatello with Leonardo all along. Sorry about all that, I made a right tit of myself.

More insanely elaborate excuses to make you feel better about your fallible memory at

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* Is it even plausible for a juvenile TMNT and Thunderbirds fan to not develop into a Trekkie along his evolution?

† Looks like someone abruptly lost enthusiasm for the silliness again.

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