Friday, October 21, 2016

Dangerous subliminal messages in

Today we are looking at dangerous subliminal messages hidden in plain site on ``

All About David

The author of the website ("David") presents a cryptic manifesto under the pretense of a child`s drawing. Yeah right was I born yesterday.

We are told David likes "writ`ing book`s" (yes very convincing child grammer) but whatkind of "pen" of that? compare to the "Thunderbird`s rocket" and I think you have the answer. Where is the rocket travelling too? Those "lot`s of fruit" sure look familiar

What is the "banana" coming out of the central star in Orion's belt (Alnilam). What is he telling us? notie his eyes are closed only in this image he will not witness it

oh yes and "he hate`s Turkey" with a capital T indeed! Are you really talking about the food "David?"

Looks a bit conspicuous on your travel map "David". The entire Middle East region is not worthy of your attention is that it BUT OH LOOK WHERE DID YOU GO

The drawing of "turkey" is clearly intended to be a more pertinent meat which he "hate`s" just like "girl`s" the only one eyed image do I need to spell that one out?

Watching the reptilians on the movie screen. Very droll. Movie screens don`t have lights shining out of them it would blind the audience and make you not see the movie. These mean something else but 8 what? I wish it was 6 that would be easier.

24 = 18 pairs of eyes (discounting all-seeing eye) + 6 ? Who is "Simon"?

We can find more Illuminati-on by trawling this website further

Standing in front of twin towers in 2011 (2001+10)

Driven = car > 2011-14=1997 > Diana car crash ("ahead" = "a head [of state]")

Rainbow = homosexual marriage

Same cocky stance wearing same telling shorts also appears in this picture

I rest my case your honor.
Can`t really be bothered to carry on

Next time we will (genuinely) look at all the subliminal programming embedded in the packaging of the BBC`s "Red Dwarf" DVDs because that`s a worthwhile use of someone`s time

Keep watch`ing the skies

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