Saturday, September 3, 2016

Or I could just be blown up, I suppose

But staying indoors with only venomous snakes and psycho neighbours to worry about, that's not likely to happen.

It could have happened to my wife though, if she'd headed back from her niece's birthday celebration last night about 30 minutes earlier and been caught up in the explosion that you won't have heard about because this isn't an important place.

I can't pretend this is another example of life being more "fun" in the Philippines. Sometimes it's only equally as "fun" as where you are, except our terrorists have less clear motives to the point that we're not sure if someone just left the gas on.

Still, nice to see this local tragedy hasn't discouraged the neighbours from pumping their inappropriate dawn chorus bass vibrations all over the neighbourhood. Or me from writing bitchy blogs and focusing on my unimportant frustrations when people have died and civilisation is collapsing. I'm only thinking about myself and the imagined consequences for my immediate family, I guess that means I'm going native after all.

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