Friday, September 30, 2016

Substantialreads: Nine

Sod substance, this month I read officially licensed fan fiction chronicling the further adventures of a TV series I used to love. Books I didn't bother reading even when they were current and I was young and easier to impress. This is going to be great!

Monday, September 26, 2016

Everybo-dengue fevers bad neighbours

Just a quick update to my chronicle of neighbourhood perils, I just found out that dengue fever's a thing too. Not in an abstract 'fatalities rising by 147% year-on-year' way, more an 'our neighbour is in hospital' kind of way.

I only knew dengue fever as something I'd see mentioned in travel warnings back when I'd be considering visiting an uninhabited jungle region of Borneo or somewhere before deciding against it. But as the saying goes, if the timid tourist won't go to the deadly virus-carrying mosquitoes, the deadly virus-carrying mosquitoes will come to him.

(The Department of Tourism has announced it's going to change this slogan soon.
Presumably to something more honest and less ripe for the piss-taking).

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Bleak tale

I've been contemplating mortality recently. Can't imagine why. And I've spotted a flaw (add it to the pile) in the way people traditionally think about souls, spirits and the like, which they sometimes decide are bound by the laws of physics (those who mistake Nigel Kneale's classic drama The Stone Tape for a serious documentary), but other times decide are exempt. Where do you draw the line?

It's the same fundamental flaw I spotted in time travel a while ago. I could have gone with either time travel or death for this fictionalised demonstration, but since the former would have turned into the latter pretty sharpish anyway, I plumped for the macabre option.

I hope this unsettles you as much as it does me. Winking out of existence is surely preferable to this horrific eternity you've created.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Or I could just be blown up, I suppose

But staying indoors with only venomous snakes and psycho neighbours to worry about, that's not likely to happen.

It could have happened to my wife though, if she'd headed back from her niece's birthday celebration last night about 30 minutes earlier and been caught up in the explosion that you won't have heard about because this isn't an important place.

I can't pretend this is another example of life being more "fun" in the Philippines. Sometimes it's only equally as "fun" as where you are, except our terrorists have less clear motives to the point that we're not sure if someone just left the gas on.

Still, nice to see this local tragedy hasn't discouraged the neighbours from pumping their inappropriate dawn chorus bass vibrations all over the neighbourhood. Or me from writing bitchy blogs and focusing on my unimportant frustrations when people have died and civilisation is collapsing. I'm only thinking about myself and the imagined consequences for my immediate family, I guess that means I'm going native after all.