Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Be my less rubbish neighbour? Only ₱3,000,000!* (US$63,458.49) [*House not included]

It's only dawned on me recently that the relaxing nature surrounding my new house (built on land that was previously part of that relaxing nature before we destroyed it) isn't going to last forever.

As soon as some schmuck buys up that 1,000-square-metre lot for the asking price of 3,000,000 pesos (USD 63,458.49 / GBP 47,720.23 / AUD 83,441.47, will consider other nationalities), I'm going to be stuck looking at whatever unregulated concrete and rusty-roofed monstrosity they decide to build on it (and presumably listening to their annoying kids and karaoke and breathing in their burning trash fumes) for as many years as my patience with this place lasts out.

If you would make a less rubbish neighbour than that (obviously things are flawless over on this side) and you're looking for land for sale in Davao City, please leave a comment.

(Maybe I should be putting those seven years of SEO sales writing experience to practical use now that it might finally be useful? No, that's too much like work. A sarcastic Blogger post should do it. Come on, I took out the references to owning a little piece of Hell, it's not like I have no restraint).


  1. Replies
    1. It's not mine to negotiate, but it's unlikely. We wanted to buy a bit of the edge to build a path, but they insist on selling the whole block.