Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Hong Kongfidential

Like our last trip to Singapore that I couldn't tell you about either, the reason behind our recent visit to its spiritual sibling to the north must remain similarly under wraps because I say so. When you concede to make your home in a third world hellhole where nothing works, you have to escape back to civilisation every once in a while to get things done.

With the unpleasant business taken care of, we tried to make the most of our few days in Hong Kong, enjoying the nostalgically nippy subtropical winter before heading back into the relentless furnace. Remember when I used to visit places just because I wanted to see them? Those were the days.

Hong Kong,
Sort of in China

I didn't get caught up in protests I didn't understand this time, but there were still some confusing remnants to enjoy

The main attraction was being able to drag out the mild winter wardrobe for the first time in three years

Being good tourists, we diligently made the ferry crossing from Hong Kong Island to Kowloon in time to catch the much-lauded A Symphony of Lights spectacular...

...which was rubbish, as you'd expect. At least this guy seemed to enjoy it, though not as much as he enjoyed ruining my photos

The tourist experience we were most looking forward to was making the trip up to Victoria Peak on the steep tram, but this sight killed our enthusiasm (this is the line before they cross the road and start lining up at the actual entrance)

So we went to the zoo instead to see the crucified gibbons and have a childish day out X 18

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