Thursday, December 18, 2014

Thieving Bastards VII: You Didn't Seriously Do This Again?

 photo thieving7_zps739cfd8f.jpg

It's the festive season! Which means it's that time of year when a hiatus from work is forced upon me and I have to desperately seek ways to fill that void with even more tedious projects than the ones I'm financially compensated for and drive myself insane. Two years after I scoured the backwaters of the internet to find my plundered photos being used for nefarious purposes without my consent or credit given, I finally put myself through this again.

Like many recovering addicts, I do occasionally right-click the odd image on my blog if I'm curious to see whether it's been misappropriated by other parties, and thankfully that seems to be happening a lot less since I switched to using lower-resolution images of 1024 x 768 or less to save space, which was also around the time I last went through all this. So there should hardly be any pilfering going on at all... right? Have you seen how skinny the scrolling bar's getting over there? -->

Yes, they've still been at it, as the following record of a wasted couple of days attests. For simplicity's sake - and to avoid wasting what remains of the year - I started at the point where I left things last time rather than going back to the start to see which fresh bastards have stepped into the ring to extend the results for a single 2011 Krabi photo to 14 pages. I need to save something for the New Year.

21st November 2012 +

Burmese days (Friday, November 23, 2012)

 photo 1_zps00878183.png

These thieving 'gallery' sites evidently haven't gone away in the two years since I last did this, but they've all changed their names. I don't think a battered pizza really counts as 'traditional Burmese food.'

A Buddhist trilogy (of five) (Monday, November 26, 2012)

 photo 2_zps0c7a0079.png

Another gallery and the needlessly confusing website of "a properly inscribed non-profit educational project" using the picture in a totally irrelevant context. But you should still support their important work, whatever the hell it is.

 photo 3_zps75e47831.png

Another cryptic/garbled website for "a multifaceted design firm that thrives on this diversity of ideas and people." Again, my image of cruel bird capturing has no relevance and was presumably picked up due to being surrounded by words like 'Buddhist' and 'divine reward,' without an appropriate sarcasm filter.

 photo 6_zpsee8405f8.png

Another mentalist.

 photo 4_zpsb8cad1f6.png

Happily, GoUNESCO does things properly and credits my blog, plus that page is well worth checking out anyway. How many sexist heritage sites have you been to? I've ticked off two of six!

 photo 5_zps6827abed.png

I'm glad my actual page managed to scrape in there at the end, at least.

 photo 7_zpsfcfaa228.png

Just a bunch of images stolen from various people. There was no English URL amidst the foreign.

Yangon a minute (Thursday, November 29, 2012)

 photo 8_zps4b3ea9dc.png

We've got our first thieving travel agent of the season. cnTRAVEL does it properly and references me, so it's not too annoying that they're above me.

Mandalay me down to sleep (Sunday, December 2, 2012)

 photo 9_zpsb1a18a4c.png

Some pointless website that seems to have been taken down.

Where it all Bagan (Wednesday, December 5, 2012)

 photo 10_zps56dbdbe9.png

 photo 11_zps65fe36d9.png

 photo 12_zps0367f0ec.png

Mainly just some arbitrary-keyword galleries bundling my photos of ancient ruins with women stretching their vulvas open.

Here's what you could have lived... (Friday, December 14, 2012)

 photo 13_zps324af396.png

No one wants to nick my stock photo representing a 'fork in the road?' The one I was convinced would be plundered when I took this not long after doing all those image searches and getting angry the first time around? That's good, obviously. Great. See if I care.

I don't want Si Chang the world (Monday, December 17, 2012)

 photo 14_zps4e21b62c.png

I'm not going to click that.

A childish day out again again again again again again again again again again again (Thursday, December 20, 2012)

 photo 15_zpsff5e7c49.png

Pinterest wannabe.

I notice you have a similar skin colour to me, let's be friends (Sunday, December 23, 2012)

 photo 16_zps3cdc46f9.png

My fake faces may have freaked out unsuspecting Transformers fans. That last guy seems to have enjoyed my picture quite a lot. Calm down, Devid.

 photo 17_zps6ea646bb.png

When vainly googling variations on my website name in the past, I've seen this showing up in various places (this one even credited me properly). Further demonstrating the futility of this exercise that doesn't even catch them all. Look, even my own original page didn't make the list, just one I recycled it for later. Might as well stop now.

Blasts from the passport (Saturday, December 29, 2012)

 photo 18_zpsbe0289b6.png

Those aren't blank, knob.


What are we doing here? (Friday, January 4, 2013)

It's a major city, so strap in.

 photo 19_zpsaad51a4b.png

 photo 20_zps5df67083.png

I never knew I had so many 'fans.'

 photo 21_zpsa0ba029a.png

Devid's still getting much too excited by my photos.

 photo 22_zps6fcf4ff8.png

Thieving Brazilian twats.

 photo 23_zps7cd4b94a.png

None of those descriptions is accurate.

 photo 24_zpsbf543cb5.png

 photo 25_zps9bfaa044.png

This new-age New World Order nut bumped me to page two. In hindsight, it was probably a mistake to name the image 'sacrificed-kid-illuminati.'

Rockin' the suburbs (Tuesday, January 8, 2013)

 photo 26_zpsf7a50eb6.png

 photo 27_zpse7f69842.png

 photo 28_zps5984d87e.png

I'm starting to identify some of these new kids on the block. What happened to Pelauts and Picstopin? I guess it's a fickle business.

Kind of blue (Monday, January 14, 2013)

 photo 29_zps89c185b2.png

Thieving Thai pricks.

Kind of red (Thursday, January 17, 2013)

 photo 30_zps669ddcbf.png

 photo 31_zpsf6d8053a.png

 photo 32_zps61934eaf.png

That does it: anglerz, autoorb, galleryhip, gopixpic, imgarcade, imgkid, tattoodonkey, vulgaire and the other regular offenders will be taken as read from now on, so that this doesn't actually take forever. My tedious relentlessness is no match for yours, the bastards have won.

Kind of green (Sunday, January 20, 2013)

 photo 33_zps3c5c7ba1.png

Why would anyone want that with me all in the way?

Farscape tour of Sydney (Monday, January 28, 2013)

 photo 34_zps27875e61.png

Disappointingly not a nerd site in sight.

Kind of Black(heath) (Monday, February 4, 2013)

 photo 35_zps08a015ad.png

Turns out posting 400 x 300 images isn't enough to stop them being appropriated for 'HD wallpaper.'

I'm blue, da ba dee, almost died (Thursday, February 7, 2013)

 photo 36_zpsf2d05d48.png

Standards for celeb porn have also slipped considerably.

Literally the Newcastle of the south (Sunday, February 10, 2013)

 photo 37_zpsbf1c8015.png

The internet continues to self-parody.

On the buses (Wednesday, February 13, 2013)

I would have reconsidered posting this photo of a young Japanese girl riding the train with her bulbous-headed companion if I knew what the internet would do with it. Contains strong language of a sexual nature from the onset.

 photo 38_zps797bb5f5.png

Devid was more amusing when he was turned on by my fake old man face and a stretch of sand, but now he's gone and spoiled things, so there'll be no more from him.

The last one is an Indonesian forum dedicated to collecting and perverting these type of pictures.

What have I done? I just thought the bear was funny.

Second first impressions (Friday, March 1, 2013)

 photo 39_zps2d1ee220.png

Don't talk to me about hassle images.

Ohhh, THAT Philippines (Monday, March 4, 2013)

 photo 40_zps5da38094.png

A local news site helped themselves. Despite being based in the city, they apparently didn't realise that this was a river during the dry season, rather than a flooded street.

Honeymoon (Tuesday, March 12, 2013)

 photo 41_zps97135612.png

Back to the stolen mash-ups again. I had minor satisfaction making an apologetic Swedish travel agent replace my monkey images in their collage one time, but I can't be bothered any more.

Shit optimistic Khao San Road salesmen expect tourists to say (Thursday, March 21, 2013)

 photo 43_zpsd9ca0dc8.png

Who knew Buzzfeed authors are a load of unoriginal plagiarists? They give credit to '' generally, which they judge to be enough.

Let's actually do Cambodia properly this time and I mean it this time (for a week) (Saturday, March 30, 2013)

 photo 44_zps82818540.png

The timing of the clock adds another level of theft certainty, beyond the identical lighting and clouds. I'm curious what that DMCA complaint could possibly have been about - is someone on my side?

 photo 45_zps245b70d2.png

Don't know what that's about, the photo doesn't even show up on the pages. They're just wasting my time. More so.

Hello me, it's me again (Monday, April 29, 2013)

 photo 46_zpse4d25fb6.png

Want to know what that's about?

 photo 47_zps1898dbf3.png

 photo 48_zpsfa58d547.png

 photo 49_zps983c26fb.png

Just a bizarre case of identity theft.

Davey day care (Tuesday, May 7, 2013)

 photo 50_zps8cbf259d.png

Turns out I have a whole page on Lustdoctor, which has picked images from the lifespan of the blog completely at random. I wish they'd used any other image to promote it though.

Highlander IV: Not a Flower (Monday, May 20, 2013)

 photo 51_zps6821cc9e.png

Some Malaysian company or other chose a really uninteresting picture.

We don't need no stinkin' Kong (Saturday, June 1, 2013)

 photo 54_zps66091ce6.png

A curiously Christian travel agent pushed me to page two.

 photo 53_zps31e5b4c5.png

 photo 52_zps4bc0ecb5.png

Russian f**k and wedding c**t.

Accidental tour of Krabi (Tuesday, June 4, 2013)

 photo 55_zpsbc8f29d0.png

Deutsche diving dicks.

 photo 56_zps5a1489cf.png

How convenient of me to create a collage and save these Russian mofos the trouble.

Phi Phi? You should have gone before we left (Monday, June 10, 2013)

 photo 57_zps045d6ded.png

Thieving Koreans are true to form, but I was more disappointed by the Hungarians who then have the gall to include this warning on their site:

 photo copyscape_zps3cde2250.png

Update: They got back to my stock email promptly (I emailed about 10 sites during the course of this, just to see what would happen) and have apparently deleted the image now.

Never Sai never a-gon (Saigon) (Sunday, June 16, 2013)

 photo 58_zps0105a393.png

Not really sure what the second one is - foreigners (well, locals) get away with more by not writing in English and making their pages off-puttingly long so no one will be bothered to scroll through all the way. I wouldn't know anything about that.

The war in Viet Flippin' Nam (Sunday, June 23, 2013)

 photo 59_zpsaf201178.png

Whoever these Malaysians are, they can't make Wordpress work, it wouldn't open.

Peek-a-boo, I annihilate you! (Thursday, June 27, 2013)

 photo 60_zps2588a8f0.png

All these people were clearly too wussy to crawl through the tunnels themselves. Goddamned pussies. Opening the last one tried to download something to my computer, this is hazardous.

 photo 61_zps8d8cea6f.png

 photo 62_zps213efcf9.png

Confusing personal websites. No issues or sanity with these.

The uncultured show (Friday, July 12, 2013)

 photo 63_zps9437c558.png

 photo 64_zpsddcb767c.png

They've never been there.

Singapore tale (Monday, July 15, 2013)

 photo 65_zps1a3bd74c.png

That last one is the weirdest since the Tokyo identity theft. Someone who is otherwise trying to flog vitamin shakes and website tools claims to be the author of my blog, and is promoting it on a website supposedly dedicated to car seats. It has somehow amassed 2,589 views since September.

What are these people doing with their lives? Why can't they harness the infinite potential of the internet to do something productive, like I'm doing right now?

The beginning of the end (Sunday, July 21, 2013)

 photo 71_zps25c2ce1e.png

The only image they use to represent the entirety of Malaysia in a bid to encourage students to live there. No other country has markets sometimes.

Hey, Joe! (Saturday, July 27, 2013)

 photo 72_zps4a899108.png

None of these websites opened, which appropriated this picture of my Edinburgh friends for varied purposes. What is going on please.

Deleted scenes: Thailand (Wednesday, August 28, 2013)

 photo 66_zps938deff1.png

Whatever that's supposed to be, it wouldn't load either.

Deleted scenes: Malaysia (feat. Singapore) (Saturday, August 31, 2013)

 photo 67_zpsc95e4ac2.png

Used in a confusing learning resource, if you want to teach your kid to be a thief. And illiterate.

Deleted scenes: Year two (Tuesday, September 3, 2013)

 photo 68_zps34497cdf.png

 photo 69_zpsd3d0c296.png

Deleted scenes: South Korea (Thursday, September 12, 2013)

 photo 70_zps966633fb.png

Also didn't work or make sense. Either that formula I developed for self-destructing images worked, and I've taken down all these sites from the inside, or I'm losing my mind.


Sapi days (Friday, February 7, 2014)

 photo 73_zps6456ed0c.png

These sites broke my computer for a while.

Irrelevant soundtracks

 photo 75_zps8e178c81.png

Several illegal audiobook uploaders mistakenly assumed I was uploading the covers for them. I wasn't.

It don't matter if you're black or white, though as usual white is preferred (Saturday, March 15, 2014)

 photo 74_zpsc349a5e3.png

This was exactly the same as that car seats one, but about home design instead. Inexplicably featuring my blog again.

Unhelpful freelance writing tips (Wednesday, April 2, 2014)

 photo 76_zpsd097e5cf.png

"Is it alright if I put a photo of you on the laptop in Manila airport in a blog I'm writing? I just need a picture about working in the airport. I don't have to if you don't feel comfortable with it, but no one'll even see it anyway."

"That's fine."


Samui twoui (Tuesday, July 1, 2014)

 photo 77_zps88443133.png


I was pleased to see there have hardly been any thefts from this year. Even those light-fingered 'galleries' mostly left me alone after I self-enforced a stricter limit of 800 x 600 images, so I might finally have cracked the anti-theft solution. You know, beyond not using overly specific file names or just not putting them online in the first place.

If someone wants to see a nice, big version, they only have to ask.


  1. Unless I get a decent haul, I'll just copy a few of my images and post my results here. Devid nicked a picture of a cake I photographed in Tasmania;

    1. It's enough to make you Get Horny And Cum.

      Maybe I'm just as bad as Devid, as when I admired your attractive URL my eyes were immediately drawn to the word 'AAynus' about half way down.