Sunday, June 15, 2014

Karon Eileen

While it might have been more entertaining to read about me getting hassled by transsexual prostitutes every time I left my hotel, I selfishly avoided Phuket's party capital Patong to stay in its quieter neighbour Karon, and my week was the better for it. I'm not as dedicated to your amusement at the expense of my happiness as I used to be.

I also didn't go parasailing or whatever that is in the photo, but it looks fun, doesn't it? "Wheee!" etc. Here are some tame holiday snaps.


There's really no difference between the sunset here and on Bali a few months ago, so it'll save my storage space if you just look at those

These beached and bobbly shoes, bottles, fluorescent light tubes and other carelessly discarded items are a necessary reminder to dicks that this stuff doesn't just disappear

This one might not be your fault though

Apparently, about 10 tourists die each year by inadvisedly swimming in Karon's lethal rip tides. Good to see they've taken steps to... oh, he must have popped out

Wanky artsy photo, cheers

It looks like they once tried to make this lake into a tourist attraction, but these days it's just a random drowned bit of town

They hold the night market right inside the temple. Is that fine? It's fine. I didn't affront the sanctity of the holy place by buying pants this time

You have to admire a bar that makes absolutely no effort to be welcoming

Phuket Town

I wanted to check out the 'sights' of Phuket's main metropolis where actual people live, and when Oliver had to endure an impromptu 'holiday' there for a couple of nights there was more incentive to make the trip by rickety songtaew.

Unfortunately, apart from Oliver, there isn't very much to see. And I can't guarantee he'll always be there when you visit.

The old buildings are advertised as a tourist draw. How's that for turning a dilapidated negative into a positive? This one reminded me of where the Ghostbusters lived

Phuket Museum is a bunch of old appliances shoved into a couple of rooms in a hotel. This museum creatively blurs the line between past and present by featuring mouldy fridges and power boards that I genuinely couldn't tell if they were part of the exhibition or the actual facilities still being used

Oliver hastily apologises to an angry tramp he's accidentally woken from his afternoon nap.

I requested that Jackie try to take some surreptitious photos of our reunion so we wouldn't have to ask for that, like we actually wanted it or anything

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