Monday, March 24, 2014


Another country down (three out of 18,307 islands is more-or-less complete), which means it's time for another unnecessarily thorough itinerary of samey meals.

Looking back on my photos from Indonesia the first time around, I was surprised that I didn't take a single picture or make note of anything I ate that month, with the exception of kopi luwak because when you drink coffee brewed from an expensive bean that's already passed through the digestive system of a small mammal it's worth jotting down.

Food then.

Baliazin' food

'With vegetables' is Indonesian for these two. See for yourself

Beef rendang, one of the most satisfying foods to pronounce south of bibimbap

Nasi goreng (also Malaysian) with chicken satay (Mediterranean/Middle East), which Indonesia wants to claim for its own

Pepes. It's chili and fish or something. We ate a lot of fish in Padangbai

Opor white chicken curry (I think it's just Thai?), which should not be combined with an otherwise tasty milkshake if you're planning to take a boat that day

I thought the breakfast menu item 'jaffle' would be a local pronunciation of 'waffle,' like the way South Americans say 'Jesus' or 'Jorge.' Turns out it's the local pronunciation of 'Breville toastie sandwich.' It still beats regular toast

Hers: Jambuluwuk yellow chicken broth, a sonically satisfying soup

His: 'Jungle burger.' I don't know what's jungle about it, but it was undoubtedly the least practical, most annoying burger I've ever eaten. That's what I get for going Western, I'll behave from now on

When I thought about the resort staff putting the Oreo and cherry on top of this 'cookie' milkshake and taking it to a table with no children in sight, I made a mental note to finally grow up

Hence this. Less nice than the de facto national beers of Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Myanmar and Cambodia (which were all equally fine), but maybe I'm just out of practice

The Earl's feeling less formal today

The Gili Islands aren't famed for their cuisine. This was a terrible excuse for a lamb 'korma.' What am I supposed to do with those pathetic poppadom slips?

Islamic chicken cordon bleu gets a beef waistcoat rather than bacon, I prefer it

Nasi campur. I know 'nasi' is rice, so I presume 'campur' means 'I'll have the lot'

Hers: Soto Mie, spicy noodle soup (probably getting a bit Chinesey)

His: It's either cap cay or gado gado. Excellent name either way

I thought it was funny that some hotels tried to bait tourists with the promise of 'Free Welcome Bread' in large letters on their signs, like that would sway their decisions more than the room rate, sea views, accessibility and Wi-Fi. I'm not knocking the free bread, it was fine

I thought this shredded chicken had a fun name too, until it turned out Alang-Alang was just the name of the restaurant. I assume that means you can't find this basic dish anywhere else

I like a tasty mushroom as much as the next person,
but these restaurants in Kuta take it too far

The good people at Indomaret and Alfamart were literal life savers on occasion too

Definitely 'original'


  1. I think 'jaffle' is a New Zealand thing, at least that's what some bloke who sold toasties in Sydney told me once.

    I went to a Free the Bears place in Luang Prabang (only because it was right next to the waterfall). Is that where you got your T-shirt.

    Carl made me laugh.

  2. It is! I'm wearing it now, since it's one of the few shirts I have left. I'm sad that my glow-in-the-dark Save the Turtles one has become too ripped down the side to wear. At least, too ripped for my girlfriend to allow me to wear, I'd still probably give it a go.