Friday, February 28, 2014

Dave in a wave

I'm always grateful when events conspire to create a recurring motif in my life story, and in yet another reminder of my poor physical fitness - heightened by the travel break - I chose a lousy time to enter a large body of water for the first time since Krabi last April. We'd seen these waves get fairly boisterous the previous evening, but on the day I'd come prepared with swimming shorts and a snorkel, they were practically ASBO.

I got tossed around in the foam like a Monster High 13 Wishes doll in a dangerous-dog's maw (am I getting the 2010s references right, kids?), and even when I made it out to a safe distance and escaped the barrage, it took a long time to get my breath back. With no lifeguards and few other people foolish enough to enter the Leviathan, I was worried I'd start to feel faint - like that time after a school swimming lesson when my friends told me I looked like ET when he's dying.

But after getting my breath back and perving on a few colourful fish with the shoddy, leaking mask I'd been given (outrageous!) I made it back to the shore in one piece, my sand-filled shorts still on, and only mildly scared to let water splash my feet for the rest of the day.

This year's Bali trip has already given me one customarily fun/traumatic memory, here's hoping for more!

Bias Tugel
(It either means 'white beach,' 'hidden beach' or something else. I'm not Indonesian am I?)

Being an online marketing veteran, I've got enough experience with promotional bullshitting that I detected the distinct bouquet of faeces in our guest house's cautious description of its location 'just 2 meters from the entrance of the famous white sand beach.'

This 'entrance' of which they spake turned out to mean a steep, rocky climb over an obstacle course of cow pats, intermittent scooters and snails (since it rained nearly every day), but the sheltered beach was always worth the trek. Being British though, I can't resist any opportunity to express consumer outrage. And to grumble about the weather, you'll notice.

I loved this little water feature. The tide enters the gap between these rocks and noisily percolates for a while before farting/jizzing out (whichever is your preference)

I found it very satisfying either way

All the other crabs scurried away as soon as I loomed over the rocks,
so that presumably means this one's dead

Padangbai Beach

The less hidden beach. Don't swim here. You will be run over.

Blue Lagoon

Another local beach, tucked necessarily a little out of the way to deter most of the salesmen. We finally made it here on our last day, which was sarcastically sunny and pleasant after all the rain and flooding that had put us off making the trip earlier in the week.

The water was clear, I didn't get sunburned like I normally do and they even threw in some walking trails, so in retrospect I'm glad there were some irritating, irrepressible women taking a hard-sell approach with sarongs and beads when we were trying to eat out pizza, otherwise I wouldn't have had anything to complain about at all. What would be the point of a day like that?

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