Sunday, February 16, 2014

Carry on Kampung Silou

We were nearly cursed to be among those day trippers making the four-hour round trip from Kota Kinabalu to the national park area on several occasions until I finally got a reply from the one guest house I'd found in the region that wasn't full and promised Wi-Fi. It's also the first 'homestay' I've stayed at that's taken the term to heart.

During our time at the pleasantly isolated Slagon Homestay (that's only the second time in this blog's history I've given an unsolicited link to a hotel - I don't shill lightly) I felt like a child again, which was a bit disconcerting after nearly a decade of independent living but certainly lightened the load on a trip where I've basically been the dad. After dealing with bitchy Filipino staff at our last hotel (will these people never leave me alone?), our surrogate Malay mother made sure we were well fed at every meal time when we couldn't be bothered to get out and see the natural wonders on our doorstep.

Even better than the buffets and the chilly, foggy mornings was the bookshelves, which might be the highest quality guest house library I've ever seen (and I always check them out). As well as handy travel guides, some genuinely decent novels and local interest publications, they even had - most excitingly and unlikely of all - the next few volumes in the nostalgic children's adventure gamebook series I've been working my way through.

I added one to the pile. Maybe if a few more childish nerds pass through these parts they'll eventually complete the set

We could easily have got sucked in to living out our visas in this place and never moving on, but unfortunately we didn't have the same minimal freedom as Lone Wolf to choose between several predetermined paths through our lives, as we had a flight looming. So that was a lucky escape. Being happy and not having to deal with transport and immigration stress for a while longer would have been terrible.

Kampung Silou,

While our isolation from civilisation was a bit annoying at times (walkable from Ranau town in an hour or so, as long as you don't mind sunburn and setting off every over-diligent guard dog), it was bloody fantastic to be able to go outside and take a walk in nature. This is what I daydreamed about in the grimy, urban Philippines.

Yes, it's that bloody mountain again from a slightly different angle. Chronologically, I was still excited about visiting Kinabalu Park at this point, and I'm pleased I snagged that dragonfly

Some herons, cranes or whatever those are called.
I know it's rubbish, but it's more wildlife than I saw at the national park

Maybe one day I'll visit a pleasant pastoral area where people aren't burning shit

Yeah, I think he spotted me

Freakish Green Door Bug:   COMBAT SKILL 12   ENDURANCE 18

This creature is immune to MINDBLAST.

Due to the surprise of the attack, reduce your COMBAT SKILL by 2 for the first 3 rounds of combat.

If you win the combat, turn to 333.

Bloody hell. I mean... oh, left? I meant to go right. Let's see, which finger was that...?

Today's irrelevant soundtrack: Kurt Vonnegut, Breakfast of Champions

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