Monday, September 16, 2013

Deleted scenes: Year three

A final load of inferior B-sides and outtakes that weren't good enough to include in proper posts but that I'm now insulting you by publishing anyway, like an '80s Pink Floyd album. This covers my third year of travelling after Vietnam - the above photo is one of several I took from my flight over Australia before the spoilsport stewardess told me to close the window. She was right - what's the point of enjoying stuff?

Unseen Myanmar

Inexplicable graffiti in Yangon

If you've ever been disappointed that modern zoos don't look like the grim animal prisons depicted in books from your childhood, visit Yangon Zoo for a trip back to simpler, care-free, harrowing times

I thought these kids had developed a social conscience and dedicated themselves to cleaning up Mandalay, but turns out they get money if they find aluminium

Another spooky spider's(?) web in Bagan

Unseen Australia


Dave arrives in Australia. I think I was planning to extract the soundtrack of annoying kids and upload that somewhere, presumably I didn't intend you to watch my dirty, too-long toenails for half a minute

Royal Botanic Gardens on the evening of 31 December 2012.
Don't know what's with all the people, maybe it was someone's birthday?

Oh yeah, that was it. Here's another disappointing attempt to capture the Sydney fireworks

Some guy tries a little too hard to impress me on my first day out in Sydney

This archaic coat of arms occupied my eyes when waiting for the L90 bus most days. It was nice to stand among the commuting norms pretending I was one of them again

I bought these for sustenance on Mount Victoria, but they were almost too hard to be edible. Apparently they come in varying degrees of impenetrability, I don't know what this company was playing at

Brilliant, Dave. If you think I spend too much time on this blog, look at the stuff I waste my time doing that doesn't even make the cut (Byron Bay)

I think Phoebe sensed I was leaving.
Her positions on that last day were awkward even for her

Unseen Philippines

This hotel in Manila charged more for air con and ensured stingy guests who hadn't paid extra couldn't use it by deactivating the only power socket that fit the unit's three-pin plug.

But they didn't count on my ingenuity, resources and lack of health and safety knowledge around electricity to steal the sub-par air con I deserved!

This woman thoughtfully provided a caption with her head, but I didn't end up using it

At an exchange rate of something like $0.0004, this 1/20 of a peso coin is one of the most pointless and amusing coins I've ever come across, though I hold out hope for one day being handed a fabled one sentimo ($0.00008).

I broke my no-souvenirs rule to hold onto this worthless item. What else was I going to do with it? Collect 400 to buy a can of Coke?

'Jackie Preoccupied With Her Phone and Failing to Appreciate the World Around Her' was a work-in-progress compilation before I lost patience (Sagada; Perhentian Kecil; Cameron Highlands; Penang)

Eshen's toilet paper poi

Unseen Cambodia

More dead stuff at Choung Ek Genocidal Centre

This Craigslist personals ad was scrawled onto the wall of an old church.
She knows just how to press my buttons

I dallied with the idea of trying to photograph an entire deck's worth of 'wild' cards eventually, but packed that in pretty quickly. I'm no Dave Gorman (Kep)

I've got enough massive crab statues now for a dedicated compilation.
I'll spare you - that's just about enough recent history nostalgia for one lifetime!

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