Saturday, September 14, 2013

Deleted scenes: Vietnam

I've visited Vietnam twice in the past year, which will be twice in my lifetime if I have anything to say about it. My Vietnam blogs were admirably concise, featuring only the images and experiences I felt were needed to illustrate my points. I'll now proceed to destroy that brevity by presenting a load of extraneous photos that didn't make the cut first time around in another celebration of mediocrity.

Unseen Vietnam

Another view of Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum.
I still can't show you inside

Imposing edifice of St Joseph's Cathedral. I was more drawn to the old temples, these churches have an uncomfortable air of colonialism about them

Some yellow building. Informative file name, Dave

Dog meat isn't the only odd local delicacy you should be wary of

Another ominous photo from Thien Cung Cave

Another attempted Moon shot, Ha Long Bay.
Maybe I'll get there one day

Dave getting sweaty on Cat Ba Island

Dogs and cats living together; mild hysteria

Quainter, friendlier church in Sapa. This one can stay

I didn't have enough photos of Sapa to justify a dedicated blog post, and didn't find many opportunities to squeeze the ones I did have into related posts, so here's some misc. mist

Misty mountains

Any TEFL hopefuls struggling to find placements for English teaching jobs might consider targeting maths instead

Another view of Cat Cat

Another view of Tien Sa Waterfall

It was refreshing to pass by kids who didn't pester me for money.
They were content to play in wee

Spaghetti wire in Ho Chi Minh City, ubiquitous in South East Asia

Ho Chi Minh, not in Ho Chi Minh City. Bet that's blown your mind!

Lazy fishing contraptions. At least he's not using grenades

Joining the swarm in Can Tho

We did nothing whatsoever in My Tho. Here's some dirty water

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