Saturday, August 31, 2013

Deleted scenes: Malaysia (feat. Singapore)

After completing the southern island circuit of Thailand, tourists have two major options: buying a motorbike and speeding through the risky roads of the adventurous Laos-Vietnam-Cambodia loop or taking the bus south to more orderly Malaysia and sterile Singapore. Can you guess which option I took?

I did get round to those other countries eventually, but one at a time on separate trips. I'm not 25 any more.

I found Malaysia to be an underrated travel destination, though I understand why the party people tend to overlook it. That's part of the reason I like it. Falling into a bit of a lull after seven months of tireless travelling, and with a 90-day visa not motivating me to leave any time soon, I saw a lot more of the Malaysian peninsula than was really necessary, later polishing it off with a quick trip around the more exciting Borneo bits. And Singapore has a nice library.

Unseen Malaysia

Not exactly unseen, another view of the Mossy Forest in the Cameron Highlands

I'd been informed by some geek website or other that the 21st of April 2011 was Judgement Day in the fictional Terminator chronology, then went outside to see this Skynet van driving ominously around Kota Bharu. I obviously intended to write about that coincidence at some point, but got distracted by stuff like snorkelling


Massive monitor lizard in my garden on Tioman Island.
This picture is different - it moves!

Cherating didn't get much of a look-in in my blogs, but I always wondered what these unpleasant beasties were. They popped out of holes in the sand, crawled around for a bit and popped back in again

I've seen these big butterflies/moths in a few countries, flopping limply to the pavement and staggering slowly along, seemingly unable to take off again and risking being crunched like an autumn leaf beneath the sole of an unimpressed pedestrian. No one else seems freaked out by it. What's going on?

Jerantut also passed by with nary a comment, so let's take the time to celebrate this pointless waystation where a bug-infested bed will only set you back £1.63. (I didn't even bother taking an establishing shot of the similarly pointless Johor Bahru, some places are deservedly lost)

Very sweaty, very sunburnt Dave in Taman Negara. I was probably too embarrassed to show this photo at the time, or in the Dave compilation. That's why I like it now

Jackie and definitely a ghost on the Perhentian Islands. There's no other explanation.
Shh, quiet down now, there's no other- I SAID QUIET

Jackie re-learns to swim (I don't know if I'm allowed to use this)

This actually exists. I might be more depressed about this than the used schoolgirl panties

Unseen Borneo

Another photo of a proboscis monkey from the Labuk Bay Sanctuary, because there can't be too many photos of them

An unlikely-coloured bug of some variety from Niah National Park


Enjoy the relaxing cacophony of nature at the Sepilok Rainforest Discovery Centre

Unseen Singapore

A few confusing, poorly sculpted scenes were left out of my account of Haw Par Villa. The park was apparently established to preserve Chinese culture and traditions, but I couldn't tell you where this fits into that

I was supposed to be in this picture

I liked this gravestone


  1. Is eye tape a product to help people have 'rounder' eyes like us beautiful Europeans? Peculiar.

    1. It's an inevitable product that was obviously going to exist, but I still sighed at the world when I saw it in a Malaysian pharmacy (though imported from Japan, and they weren't selling many).

      If I'd spent any time in pharmacies and malls when I was in South Korea I'm sure I would have seen aisles dedicated to it. Or entire stores. Anything to help you get rid of the disgusting beautiful face you were born with.

      It would be great and also horrible if the trend for Western features suddenly inverts and people scramble to have cosmetic surgery undone to look more like themselves.