Saturday, June 1, 2013

We don't need no stinkin' Kong

The island-speckled seas, inquisitive fish and conspicuously absent hawkers of Krabi made this region my favourite stop in Thailand the first time around. But despite expressing the wish to see more of it in the future, I never got this far south again on my frequent return trips to this country. I guess the extended night bus put me off.

Returning two years later, I'm still confident it's my favourite place in this mostly great country (sorry, Lop Buri, you're still up there), especially now I've seen more of it than what was included on one lazy production line day tour. I've done three of those lazy day tours now. Here's the Hong Island one.

Daeng Island

I'm not sure what criteria are needed to qualify as an island,
but this bit of brilliantly coloured rock probably barely scrapes it

After nearly three years, I'm finally braving a photo of me topless.
With the proviso that I'm far away and wearing a snorkel and the sea

Right, I'm not to blame for this. Contrary to my desire to crop out meddling humans from photos wherever possible, Jackie loves to get a bit of foreigner into her pictures, and this was her favourite. Admittedly, I didn't then need to put it on my website. I'm sorry, ma'am

Hong Island

Unrealistically tranquil Hong Lagoon

Kayaking was optional and we opted out.
I'm not paying so I can row my own boat, do you think I'm a chump?

I'm still using the same camera I had the first time I came to Krabi, but we've been through some scrapes, the quality's deteriorated and the screen's broken, so I doubt the internet will be as keen to steal these photos as those earlier ones. I dare you to try

Well, obviously

She really likes her foreigners

The fish really like her

Though it may have had something to do with me irresponsibly feeding them Pringles...


This Chinese couple had matching, gender-coded boots. It was a bit adorable. I hope I was stealthy enough by pretending to check my photos, unlike the German girl who openly photographed me and Jackie on our matching laptops in Penang

They were the best value options, alright?

Lading Island

Despite being promoted as 'Paradise Island,' I didn't see what makes this place any more special than your average pristine Krabi island. I've been spoiled

Some guy had bread, so we could imagine we were being slightly less irresponsible.
Yeah right, like tiger fish naturally go around chomping on baguettes all day

Pakbia Island

Like Tup Island, these rocks are connected by a magical stretch of soft sand that does a disappearing act every time the tide comes in. The final stop of the afternoon, we were against the clock to snap vain photos or die trying

We stayed too long