Friday, June 28, 2013

Insanity is a full-time job

If anyone was following the Jeab Incident out of morbid curiosity, it's been resolved to my minimal possible satisfaction for the time being, so I've taken down the associated blog posts (and libellous Facebook accounts).

All I wanted was confirmation that she wasn't trying to run away with my money forever, and after mediating (very impartially!) through one of her close friends on Facebook it seems things are back the way they were - uncertain, but with the inevitable anxiety postponed to a future date.

I didn't expect to get anything back for years when I loaned money to an unemployed single parent in a low income country, I just didn't appreciate all my emails being ignored. As each day yielded nothing but silence I got gradually crazier to the extent that I've probably damaged her reputation among her friends... the ones who can speak English and understand what the hell I was going on about anyway. I've tried to rectify it with all the people I spoke to directly.

I went too far, but she really should have replied. It didn't look great from over here. I wish we'd managed to get there without the unpleasantness, but at least now I have my evenings back. Getting the £5,500 back can wait.


  1. I enjoyed the now deleted post. I hope you have problems with the Korean girl too!

    1. Nothing gets truly deleted. You never know when you'll need evidence.

      I lost sleep over this, sometimes because of my own actions. I can justify everything I did out of increasing desperation, when I could see her responding by blocking my accounts but never actually replying to me, but I never crossed the line from information searching/baiting to revenge or anything stupid like that.

      These girls are back on the same footing now. More annoying is the Scottish guy who's owed me £340 for three years (I'll survive without it, but that's not the point!) and keeps saying he'll 'put in £20 on Friday,' then apparently never has £20. According to Facebook, he's currently on a lads' holiday on a Greek island.