Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Accidental tour of Krabi

One of the most impressive things about Krabi, once you've got over the overwhelming natural beauty, is how comparatively little hassle there is when walking the streets. I noticed its absence instantly, when gearing up to reject the sales pitches of tuk tuk drivers we were passing on the way to the beach, but they didn't make a peep. We walked along Ao Nang's commercial beachfront and I didn't get any coded offers of masturbation from a single transgender masseuse. What the hell is going on?

Fortunately for my sanity, there were still inept hotel staff to screw things up and villainous travel companies to screw me over and keep me grounded, before I started to consider whether I might be in a slightly derivative heaven. When a budget package tour we'd booked featuring an elephant ride and jungle trekking to a waterfall somehow resulted in us having hired a clueless taxi for the afternoon and going to a temple instead, I knew I was back in Thailand, love it or hate it. Both, in large measures.

Ao Nang

If you're visiting Krabi (province), don't make the mistake I did first time around and stay in Krabi (town). Ao Nang is like a Khao San Road on the coast, with most of the turds washed away

And with the occasional foreboding sign of sexual violence, you won't have to worry about getting bored

If the unfortunate smell of sewage makes you too sick to sunbathe (it notably didn't stop everyone), you can risk the rickety walkway around the cliffs to Centara Beach for...

Phallic rocks!

Artistic crabs!

Dave in a cave!
(Note: May not always be there)

Macaque in a kayak!
(Maybe that can be the new trend? Going to be a bit difficult to arrange...)

Krabi Town

Our accidental taxi driver took us on a 'sightseeing tour' of the town that consisted of precisely this. (Remember him?)

We still did the elephant thing too, but without the excuse that it was included in the package tour. Despite the grief I gave myself when I similarly exploited an elephant the same time last year. I claim Changnesia


Wat Tham Suea
(Tiger Cave Temple)

Don't get too excited, there aren't any real tigers here. This time

Unless you count that

It's very difficult for me to resist a challenge like this, especially when I can see the very old and very young coming back down without looking particularly sweaty.
But for future reference, 1,237 steps IS A LOT OF STEPS

Especially when the last third consists of larger steps that are actually like three steps in one. There had better be some bloody nice views coming up

That'll do

Dave W at 600 metres (2,000 feet)

Jackie had enough sense to stay below with the monks and monkeys

I'd been disappointed by the rain earlier that afternoon, when we thought we were going to be trekking through the jungle. But this climb would have been more arduous and a little less photogenic without the clouds

Maybe that means I've finally learned to look on the bright (or in this case overcast) side and see the silver lining? Either that or I'm so stubborn that I'll always declare victory in any situation.

It had better not rain in Phi Phi

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