Thursday, May 2, 2013

See you Leyte

We stopped off in Leyte on the long journey from Sagada back to Davao, so Jackie's parents could size up this strange foreigner who'd be taking their daughter overseas (I think they bought it).

As ever, I was excited at the prospect of a brand new island to explore, but a lack of infrastructure and frustrating bus schedules in these provincial towns meant we didn't see a lot.

Seriously, there's nothing to see here.


After extending my visa at the consulate there wasn't much to do apart from reprise my tricycle spotting game from Bohol back in 2011. I spotted 0001 from the window of Jollibee one time, but without pics it didn't happen. I never saw 0002 anyway, so my score is still pathetic.

Well, that about wraps it up for Tacloban!

Bay Bay

The bus to Bay Bay took about twice as long as we'd been told, and then we found out the last van back to Tacloban left at 6PM. Jackie's parents arrived at the restaurant at 5:50PM, leaving just enough time to clock my face and determine I probably wasn't a human trafficker or international spy. Her sister genuinely worried about both of these possibilities, which is both exciting and disturbing.

It turned out they couldn't be bothered to operate the 6PM van after all, due to lack of interest and lack of respect for schedules, so we eventually got back to our hotel via Ormoc, just to tick off another major town. I couldn't wait to get back to civilisation in Davao, there was just one long bus + ferry journey to go and that sounded like it could be as enjoyable and scenic as our trip to Sagada, the perfect ending to our Philippines tour. What could possibly go wrong?

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  1. Richard Herring would be proud that people are still playing CNPS variants all around the world.