Monday, April 29, 2013

Hello me, it's me again

Outside of tranniversaries, this blog has developed a small assortment of annual features (or biennial if I forget) that are useful for keeping tabs on my progress, as well as for filling time when I'm not getting up to very much. This one, a gallery of photos of my face taken over the past 12 months, is the most pointless post since last time I did it.

At least I thought it was pointless - that post has inexplicably racked up more than 1,500 views in a year, just shy of my all-time top 10 thanks to the efforts of dead babies, sexy teachers and used schoolgirl panties (if you haven't been following my blog you might be a little lost). What's going on? Why do so many people want to see mostly wonky or poorly framed photos of tourist sites spoiled by me being in them?

Whatever the reason, here's a load more. Fluctuating beard growth is a reliable barometer of whether or not I was travelling alone at different times.

Me in Japan

Me looking unintentionally creepy at Ueno Zoo

Me feeling ambivalent about finding something really weird

Me in South Korea

Me getting out and about in Seoul and Seoraksan

Me finally surrendering to Cosplay at Hwaseong Haenggung

Me in China

Me unwisely getting involved in things I don't understand on any level

Me overshadowed by quite a Big Buddha

Me at Shenzhen's Window of the World in various 'hilarious' poses, ha ha! Dic.

Me in Thailand

Me on sunny Koh Phayam

Me underwater on Koh Si Chang

Me in mourning

Me feeling a little silly

Me feeling a little silly

Me in Laos

Me on another big thing (up top)

Me about to get wet

Me in Vietnam

Me beak-to-beak with a golden turtle at Van Mieu

Me and Madame Guillotine at Hoa Lo Prison (I'm the ghost on the left)

Me in Myanmar

Me knackered on Mandalay Hill

Me feeding gibbons

Me in Australia

My amusingly sunburnt passport photo

Me out and about in the Blue Mountains (look, I bought a hat)

Me getting wet in the Southern Highlands

Me beak-to-beak with an emu at Blackbutt Reserve
(stealthy photo taken by Oliver)

Me finally braving the beach in Byron Bay

Me being a child in Surfers Paradise

Me in the Philippines

I don't have many solo photos since I met Jackie, unless I cruelly crop her out like a cheating ex-husband in the family album:

Me in the derelict Diplomat Hotel

Me in Cambodia

Me in the derelict Bokor Hill Station

Same face same time next year.

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