Tuesday, March 12, 2013


To help Jackie decide whether she really wanted to commit to travelling in the company of my stress and other neuroses, we went on a honeymoon to Palawan which was everything we could have hoped for. Not only did I get a nice mix of interesting nature, nice buildings and funny animals (as well as leaving the sleaziness of big cities behind), but thanks to a dodgy airport cafe omelette I was also incapacitated for a day.

It's almost like some supernatural entity conspired to show Jackie all the worst sides of me (inside and out), and she still somehow seemed to think I was okay by the end of it, while her flaws remain ingeniously hidden despite her protests to the contrary.

I know I promised that this blog wouldn't turn into a vomit-inducing romance novel, I guess I couldn't live up to that promise. I'm afraid It's only going to get worse.

Puerto Princesa,

The first sight to greet me when leaving the airport was this wanted poster for a former mayor and governor on the run for murder. Compare this to back home, where politicians become infamous when they claim a new patio as a tax expense. This is going to be exciting!

Our Lady of Immaculate Conception Cathedral celebrates the divine impregnation of the 12-year-old virgin (look it up and then seek solace in your Renaissance paintings of mature Mary and white Jesus)

World War II Memorial Museum

What more romantic destination than a war museum?

What better way to pay tribute to the fallen soldiers of the Palawan Special Battalion than by Cosplay fancy dress? I tried to get into character and express some of the harsh horror of war

Jackie wasn't similarly burdened

Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Centre

This is really just another crocodile farm that they try to spruce up with a few poorly maintained enclosures at the back for furry animals that people actually like

Though the bearcat was just boring

The real cat was my favourite (she initiated the handshake).
Maybe this is the 'Palawan pussy' I heard some old guys talking about?

I like the notion of an animal's desecrated head being a novelty item


Getting away from the city, here's a view over... not a lot.
But it's a nice not a lot

Not sure what this is, so I'll make the logical assumption that it was a landing platform for ancient astronaut motherships

Karst Mountain apparently looks like an elephant or something

Puerto Princesa Subterranean River (coming soon)

Firefly watching trip

This was Jackie's first time floating peacefully down a mangrove river to look at nature's Christmas tree lights, but it was my third time (after Cherating and Klias in Malaysia) so I spent most of it quizzing myself on my constellations knowledge and reaffirming my midlife crisis ambition to buy a telescope, assuming they make ones that can be used with glasses.

As usual, I have no photos to show of the actual fireflies themselves, so here's an unrealistically coloured bird:


  1. Woot woot! well done! Congratulations that you found yourself in a loving arms of a Filipina gf, I hope she's equally lucky. So, I guess I should be waiting how your posts about Philippines "SHOULD" be a little biased in some way or another? Also, does that mean you'll make Philippines your Southeast Asian home? Sweet! Because there's a lt of off-the-beaten track to be found there. Goodluck and glad to know you have a partner in crime!

    1. Thanks! We're leaving the Philippines to travel for a while so I just made a map of places I've been in the country, it turns out I've already been to loads more than I thought on Luzon, Bohol, Cebu, Mindanao, Palawan and Leyte. Only 7,101 islands to go!

  2. Apologies for disappointing all those people who regularly arrive at this page having searched for 'palawan pussy.' Keep trying, great guys, you'll get there.