Thursday, June 14, 2012

My kind of place

When I'm enjoying my time in a country and the end of my visa is fast approaching, I usually wish I could stay a little longer, and it can take some time for the next country to win me over (if it manages it at all).

Other times, as was unfortunately the case with Sri Lanka, even four weeks starts to feel like far too long around the half-way point, and an optimistically pre-booked flight means I have no choice but to endure a torturously slow internet connection indoors and certain hassle and insane traffic every time I venture out for biscuits.

There are plenty of countries I've enjoyed visiting, and even in the lousy ones there's usually something great that stays with me (namely, this). But when it comes to settling down, I doubt there's one perfect place that satisfies all my needs and unreasonable demands in a single location.

Or is there...?

Basic ingredients

From what I've gathered so far, my kind of place would feature:

Serving suggestion

I fed these calculations into the computer and apparently my perfect place is the fictional Planet Exo III:

As well as sexy, obedient robo-ladies, this place also scores points for being a few hundred light years away from England. Get me a one-way ticket!

Wow, someone desperately needs a girlfriend.

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